Discover the territory

Here follows a list of places to discover during a stay a Pioppi:

  • VELIA/ELEA: an important archaeological site of the Cilento. During the Greek period it was called Elea, while the Romans renamed it in Velia;
  • PERTOSA-AULETTA CAVES: the only speleological site in Europe where it is possible to navigate in an underground river;
  • CERTOSA OF S. LORENZO DI PADULA: also known as the Certosa di Padula, it certainly is one of the most beautiful places of the province of Salerno;
  • CASTELCIVITA CAVES: also known as the Spartaco Cave, it extends for many kilometers in the Alburni Mountains;
  • TEGGIANO: it is one of the few towns of the province of Salerno that maintained its aspect of fortress till today;
  • CAPE PALINURO: it is one of those places that have always fascinated travelers of every period, to the point that the same Virgil reserved a citation for it in Aeneid;
  • MARINA DI CAMEROTA: one of the most popular places of the Cilento, preferred by seaside tourism for its beautiful beaches;
  • PORTO INFRESCHI: it has been elected the most beautiful Italian beach in 2014 by Legambiente. It is considered the marine gem of the National Park of the Cilento and of Vallo di Diano;
  • PAESTUM: ancient city of Magna Graecia called by its founders Poseidonia in honour of Poseidon;